About Us

NewFarm is owned and operated by Casey and Lindsay. Here is a little something more about them, in case you are interested (although they wholeheartedly don’t blame you if you are not).

Meet Lindsay:Lindsay

Lindsay’s idea of a good time is transplanting veggie starts in the rain. She once weeded a 16×8 raised bed with a soup spoon because it happened to be in her hand when she realized that the bed needed to be weeded. Lindsay likes everything that grows (except that unidentified weed that is trying to choke her blueberries), being outside, feeding her dogs at the table, and eating chocolate. She is convinced that eating chocolate actually makes her a better person.

Meet Casey:



Casey believes strongly that there will eventually be a weekend where his wife will not decide to embark on a crazy new project, therefore leaving him free to go fishing. Casey can spot songbirds unaided in seconds that most people cannot even find with binoculars. He can build/ fix anything. Really. Anything.  He is a hydroponics wizard. Casey likes watching the Red Sox, eating ice cream at midnight, and driving his 1984 Volkswagon Vanagon.




Casey and Lindsay live on a micro-farm with their two wonderful children, two stinky dogs, thirteen spoiled chickens, two sassy cats, and more plants than they can count.

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